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Wondering what you are going to do with your free time? Looking for ways to contribute and make a difference? Wanting to develop your leadership skills and gain experience?

The Student Involvement (SI) is your one-stop shop for involvement opportunities and student organizations. With more than 300 student organizations, a variety of leadership and organization training opportunities, the UWM Bucket list, information on Fraternity/Sorority Life, the Student Activities Calendar and much, much more, SI guarantees you won't run out of things to do! Unsure where to start? Visit our office in Union 363 and we will help you find your path!

Looking for Involvement Opportunities?

Nervous about starting college? Wondering how you can make friends and feel comfortable making the transition from high school? Longing for the excitement of traveling abroad or participating in community service or an adventure trip? Check out the Student Involvement Guide to start your search!

Searching for Student Organizations

Finding a student organization to get involved with has never been easier! You can now browse or search for organizations online through PantherSync. The student organizations are categorized by type and alphabetical listing, and you can easily navigate from organization to organization. In addition to organization descriptions, you can now find out more details about an organization including meeting times and locations, special programs or activities, current Web site, and organization contact information. Check out PantherSync to start your search!

Resources & Support

Whether you are just starting a student organization or are a member or officer of an existing student organization, we have several resources just for you. Our staff members are also available to answer questions, help you plan events or provide general information.

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