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Elizabeth Albert
M.S. student, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Paul Brodwin
Research interests: Medical/Psychological anthropology, women's health, health care systems, individualism, morality, perception
Previous degrees: B.A. Anthropology/Creative Writing (UW-Eau Claire)

Lindsay Barone
Ph.D. student, Physical Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Campbell
Research interests: Museum anthropology, human evolution, biological variation and adaptation, science education, creation science movement
Dissertation title: Politicizing the scientific: American evolution ideology and its influence on natural history museums
Previous degrees: B.A. (UW-Madison), M.S. (UW-Milwaukee)
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Jacquelyn Bluma
M.S. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Richards
Research interests: Human osteology, historic archaeology, historic cemeteries, forensic anthropology
Previous degree: B.S. History (Marian University)
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Maisie Buntin
M.S. student, Physical Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Campbell
Research interests: Mother-infant interaction, parental investment, anthropology of birth
Thesis title: Authoritative knowledge and its relationship to the ongoing co-sleeping debate
Previous degree: B.S. Anthropology/Zoology (UW-Madison)

Jordan Anthony Burish
Undergraduate student, Archaeology
Research interests: The evolution of religion throughout the proto-historic Mediterranean world and Near East.

Todd Ebling
Ph.D. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Erica Bornstein
Research interests: Humanitarianism, development, Neoliberalism, Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda
Previous degrees: B.A. Anthropology, M.A. International Development

Richard Edwards
Ph.D. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Robert Jeske
Research interests: Subsistence, landscape use, paleoethnobotany, zooarchaeology, GIS, late prehistoric Midwest, Oneota, Red Ochre, agriculture, human dog relationships
Dissertation topic
Oneota settlement patterns around Lake Koshkonong in southeast Wisconsin: An environmental catchment using GIS modeling
Previous degrees: B.A. Sociology/Anthropology (UW-Parkside), M.S. Anthropology (UW-Milwaukee)
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Mary Emanuelson
M.S. student, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Tracey Heatherington
Research interests: LBGT+ issues, NGOs, Eastern Orthodoxy, Russia, Greece
Previous degree: B.S. Anthropology

Karen Esche-Eiff
Ph.D. student, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Erica Bornstein
Research interests: Medical anthropology, anthropology of suicide and mental illness, humanitarianism, religion, non-profit institutions, India.
Thesis title: Beyond Borders of Belief: Milwaukee Devotees in the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Amritapuri, India
Dissertation title (tentative): The Moral and Economic Politics of Suicide: An Ethnographic Study into Stretegies for Cultivating Anti-Suicidal Personhood among Farmers within a South Indian Faith-Based Non-Governmental Organization
Previous degrees: B.B.A. Business Administration, B.A. Anthropology, M.S. Anthropology, Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management
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Abby Forster
Ph.D. student, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Paul Prodwin
Research interests: Narrative, mental illness, therapeutic discourse, cultural study of psychotherapy, language politics and ideology, medical anthropology, and anthropology of the United States.
Dissertation title: Identity Construction in Academic Writing and Facebook: A Case Study of Literacy and Identity
Previous degrees: B.A. Social Welfare, M.A. English Composition and Writing
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Allyse Freeman
M.S. student, Archaeology and Musesum Studies
Advisor: Dr. Jason Sherman
Research interests: Mesoamerica (especially Formative Central Highlands), social theory, urbanization, state formation, water management
Thesis title: Investigating Social Differentiation at the Formative Site Amalucan, Puebla, Mexico
Previous degree: B.A. History/Anthropology/Geology (Augustana College)
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Adrienne C. Frie
Ph.D. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Bettina Arnold
Research interests: Human-animal relations, ancient art, mortuary archaeology
Dissertation title: Cultural constructions of nature: Animal representation and use in the Dolenjska Hallstatt culture
Dissertation topic: Iron Age animal representation and use in Southeastern Europe
Previous degrees: B.A. (UC San Diego), M.A. (University of Chicago)
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Tara Gallagher
M.S. student, Biological Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Campbell
Research interests: Neuroanthropology, life history theory, emotional embodiment, psychological anthropology, brain evolution, stress and depression
Previous degrees: B.G.S. Theatre & Film/Anthropology, B.S. Molecular Bioscience (University of Kansas)

Lara Ghisleni
Ph.D. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Bettina Arnold
Research interests: Landscape archaeology, household archaeology, space and temporality, gender, personhood, social archaeology, Iron Age Europe, Britain, Roman archaeology
Dissertation title (tentative): Landscape and Mobility at the Late Iron Age/Early Roman Transition in Southern England
Dissertation topic: Landscape configurations - such as earthworks, field systems, trackways, and droveways - and their implications for inter-settlement interaction, social and economic organization, and gender-age relations at the Late Iron Age/Early Roman transition in southern England. I am interested in how navigating the landscape produces social subjects and articulates social relations. My dissertation will interrogate the multiscalar spatial and temporal coordination of the landscape before and after the Roman arrival, identifying changes and continuities in the communciation and interaction networks that conditioned social and economic roles and possibilities.
Previous degrees: B.A. Anthropology/Latin (University of Michigan), M.S. Anthropology (UW-Milwaukee)

Monique Hassman
Ph.D. student, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Ajirotutu
Research interests: Disaster, placemaking, semiotics, public scholarships
Previous degrees: Technical - Automotive Repair and Maintenance, B.A. Africology/Anthropology, M.S. Anthropology and Geographic Information Systems Certificate.

Lindsey Jo Helms
Ph.D. student, Physical Anthropology and Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Richards
Research interests: Bioarchaeology, mortuary archaeology, forensic anthropology, Croatian archaeology/bioarchaeology, Eastern Europe (Balkans), Great Lakes Basin, East Tennessee, North American Woodland, Mississippian, Osteology, demography, population movement, population variation, trauma, dental anthropology, age/sex estimation techniques, skeletal metrics and non-metrics, isotopic analyses
Dissertation topic: Examination of population variation and migration among the Late Antique (Roman), Early Medieval, and Late Medieval periods from tree sites in continental Croatia. Analysis will consist of skeletal and dental non-metric and metric data, as well as isotopic data/sampling.
Previous degrees: B.A. Anthropology (Hamline University), Certificate of Forensic Science, M.A. Archaeology (Illinois State University).
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Jamie Patrick Henry
M.S. student, Archaeology and Museum Studies
Advisor: Dr. Bettina Arnold
Research interests: Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe and Middle East
Previous degree: B.A. Anthropology (Michigan State University)

Anika Y. Jones
Ph.D. student, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Erica Bornstein
Research interests: Childcare, welfare states, neoliberal poverty polits, public policy, gender race
Dissertation title (tentative): From Welfare Queens to Childcare Queens: An Ethnographic Study of the Political Economy of Low-income Childcare
Dissertation topic: Political Economy of Childcare
Previous degrees: B.A., M.A.

Alexis M. Jordan
Ph.D. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Bettina Arnold
Research interests: Mortuary archaeology, museum anthropology, gender archaeology, bioarchaeology, Iron Age Europe, cultural heritage management
Dissertation title: Mortuary Practices and Social Changes of the Cornish Iron Age
Dissertation topic: Regional mortuary programs and group identity in the Iron Age of southwestern Britain.
Previous degrees: B.S. (Loyola University, Chicago), M.S. (UW-Milwaukee)
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Kaitlin Kincade
M.S. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Bettina Arnold
Research interests: Iron Age Europe, identity, personal appearance, mortuary ritual, gender
Previous degree: B.A. Anthropology (California State University, Fresno)
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Laya Liebeseller 
M.S. student, Cultural Anthropology 
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Malaby 
Research interests: Play, Gaming, Live-Action Role-Play 
Previous degree: B.A. Anthropology (University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls)

Kathryn Maxwell
M.S. student, Archaeology and Museum Studies
Advisor: Dr. Bettina Arnold
Research interests: Archaeological museum collections, history of archaeology
Thesis title: Historic Museum Collections as Primary Sources: Thomas Wilson's Robenhausen Material at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History
Previous degree: B.A. Anthropology (Archaeology emphasis)

Rachel McTavish
Ph.D. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Robert Jeske
Research interests: Zooarchaeology, fauna (bone and shell) as raw material in artifact production, Midwestern archaeology, late prehistory, environmental archaeology
Previous degree: M.S. Archaeology (UW-Milwaukee)

JaYoung Oh
Ph.D. student, Cultural Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Paul Brodwin
Research interests: My interests lie in the interplay of gender, migration, mental health with an emphasis on female North Korean defectors entering South Korea. By exploring the rough trajectory of the gendered defection and their resettlement in South Korea, I am currently questioning about the social construction of suffering and mental illness based on various migration experiences and different socio-cultural contexts.
Previous degrees: B.A. Political Science, M.A. Women's Studies

Tamara Payida
Undergraduate student, Archaeology
Research interests: Forensic anthropology, sociocultural response to death, personifications of death, identifying and classifying human remains

Victor M. Ponte
M.S. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Jean Hudson
Research interests: Funerary patterns, complex societies, Andean archaeology, rock art, ceramics
Thesis title: Rank Differentiation and Ceremonies Beyond Death, A View from the Hinterlands, Callejon de Huaylas, Peru
Previous degree: From the National University Mayor de San Marcos, Lima Peru
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Cara Reeves
M.S. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Bettina Arnold
Research interests: Iron Age Celtic archaeology
Previous degrees: B.A. Anthropology, B.A. History

Erica Rodenbeck
M.S. student, Archaeology and Museum Studies
Advisor: Dr. Jean Hudson
Research interests: Bear ceremonialism, Northwest coast, circumpolar regions, curation, collections management
Thesis topic: Bear ceremonialism and zooarchaeology in the circumpolar regions
Previous degrees: B.A. Anthropology, B.A. English (Beloit College)

Mary Sorrenti
M.S. student, Biological Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Trudy Turner
Research interests: Captive primate welfare
Previous degrees: B.S.

Katherine Sterner Miller
Ph.D. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Robert Jeske
Research interests: Midwestern prehistory, microwear analysis, residue analysis, lithic analysis
Thesis title: Form and Function: An Inter-site Analysis of Oneota Lithics in Wisconsin
Dissertation topic: This dissertation focuses on an analysis of Oneota lithic tools from the Crescent Bay Hunt Club site. I use a combination of high and low power microscopy to identify traces of use-wear on tools to determine their function.
Previous degrees: B.A. Anthropology (Penn State University), M.S. Anthropology (UW-Milwaukee)
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David Stock
Undergraduate student, Archaeology
Research interests: Bronze Age Greece, development of early maritime civilization (Europe), ancient arms, armour, military tactics (East Mediterranean, Eurasian Steppe)
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Helen Werner
M.S. student, Biological Anthropology
Advisor: Fred Anapol
Research interests: human osteology, forensic anthropology, abnormal bone pathology
Previous degree: B.S.

Stephen Wayne Wilson
M.S. student, Archaeology
Advisor: Dr. Robert Jeske
Research interests: Lithics and technological change
Previous degree: B.A. Anthropology

William Balco, Ph.D. Archaeology
Eric Burant, B.A. Anthropology, Celtic Studies Certificate
Arianna Murphy, M.S. Cultural Anthropology, Museum Studies Certificate 
Thomas Zych, M.S. Archaeology, Geographic Information Systems Certificate

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