March 6, 2014

Innovative Weather will begin a spring pre internship for students who are working toward their degree in atmospheric sciences. Invitations to participate may also be extended to first or second year underclassmen that have been involved with the Atmo Club at UW-Milwaukee and have an interest in pursuing a degree in meteorology. This pre internship is designed to help develop a philosophy of forecasting for newer students who are interested in learning more about the field of operational and applied meteorology. It will deal with topics such as forecasting methods, meteorological theory, communication and decision support for clients. Anyone interested in working into the Innovative Weather program will need to participate in these pre internship sessions to ensure the right foundation for a chance to earn a position later in your academic career.

If you are planning to attend, please email to indicate your desire to participate so that we can plan for a room large enough to accommodate people. The pre internship will begin Thursday March 6th at 4:15pm at the Innovative Weather offices at Alumni House in either room 204 or the Garden Room. Please bring a pen and something to write on or a device to take notes with. This pre internship will likely continue from March through May and possibly into June, meeting every other week on Thursdays.

For more information about our program and operation please visit or email for more information. Thank you for your interest in the Innovative Weather program at UW-Milwaukee.



February 11, 2014

The first Club meeting of the semester will be held today at 4pm in the Atmo lab. We will have guest speaker and alumni Mike Westendorf here to give everyone a taste of what weather forecasting is all about, and talk about a potential internship opportunity for Atmospheric Science majors at Innovative Weather.


October 9, 2013

We had our second Atmo Club meeting of the year today. We handed out the Atmo Club t-shirts and then did presentations on last year's storm chases to motivate everyone for this year!


September 17, 2013

The National Weather Service will be on campus today to talk about what strategic direction they are heading towards. It will be a chance to hear what type of job opportunities there will be with the NWS in the future and you'll also have a chance to ask them any questions you might have. Join us today at the Alumni House at 2pm.


Summary of Sept 11 meeting -

In case you missed the meeting here is everything we discussed at the meeting this last Wednesday.

Topics discussed:

-Brat Sales

September 24th, October 8th, and October 22nd
Set up starts around 8:00AM, with sales lasting until 4:00-4:30PM

The more you participate at brat sales, or even other fundraisers, gives you a better chance for going on the storm chases

-Open House

Usually during the end of October
We set up a booth and talk to incoming freshmen, high school kids, or prospective students from other colleges

-Meteorologist Panel

Some time in November, we plan on having different types of meteorologists come in and talk about their careers and have a Q&A session

-AMS Conference and Storm Chases

AMS Conference: Atlanta, GA February 2nd - February 6th, 2014
AMS Student Conference: Atlanta, GA February 1st - February 2nd, 2014
Storm Chases: Late May (after finals) or early June

-Weather Challenge

An annual forecasting competition for students, alumni, and faculty/staff  in atmospheric sciences or meteorology programs

Forecast the high and low temperatures, maximum sustained wind speed and amount of precipitation for each given city Monday – Thursday from late

September  2013 through April 2014

      -    Rules and awards:
           This year's schedule:
           Contest homepage:

      -    To register pay $5.00 to Dr. Clark Evans by Wednesday September 25th

           if you are interested contact Dr. Evans for more details at

T-shirts and Club Dues

-Dues: $10.00

-Dues and T-shirts estimation: roughly $20.00       

      -To see T-shirt design go to this web address -->

-If you want to even be considered for a spot on a storm chase team, you must pay the $10


September 11, 2013

Our first meeting of the semester is here! We will be meeting at 5:30pm in the atmo lab, which is in the EMS room W434.  We will be going over our agenda and plans for this semester as well as welcoming new members and getting to know each other a little bit more. We'll also be talking about brat sales and upcoming events that we will hold in the upcoming months. Pizza and soda will be provided! Come out and see what the Atmo Club is all about this year!


April 30, 2013

Hey everyone, our third and final meeting of the semester will be held this afternoon at 4pm up in the lab (EMS W434).  We will be holding elections for our officer positions for next year, as well as host a storm chase training session.  If you are going on the storm chase please make an effort to attend, and as always this is open to anyone else who would like to attend.  We hope to see you there!

April 16, 2013

Our second meeting of the semester will be held tonight up in the Atmo Lab (EMS W434) at 4pm.  Justin Zollitsch from Fox 6 Milwaukee will be here to answer your questions about broadcast meteorology!  All are welcome to attend!  Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Also, our final brat sale of the year will be held this Thursday, August 18th from 9am to 4pm in EMS.  Be there!

April 8, 2013

Hey everyone!  We have our second brat sale of the semester tomorrow from 9am until 4pm on the first floor of EMS.  The day will be filled with brats, hot dogs, stadium sauce, soda, and chips!  Be sure to volunteer otherwise come hungry and tell all of your friends!!!

April 2, 2013

Hey all!  Here is a quick update.  Chris Spannagle will be giving a severe weather talk today in the Atmo Lab (EMS 434) at 2:30pm.  Chris is a former Atmo Sci Alumni and will be giving us some very useful information.  Come and stop by!  Also, the radiosonde launch trip is this Friday.  If you would like to go please let me know so that we don't leave without you.  Any questions on upcoming activities be sure to ask one of the officers!

February 25, 2013

Hey everyone!  Just a reminder that we will be having our first meeting of the semester this afternoon.  It will be held in the Atmo Lab (EMS W434) at 4pm.  Our Vice-President will be giving a talk about his study abroad trip to Mexico.  Pizza and soda will be provided.  We hope you are able to make it!

January 23, 2013

Hey all, it's the start of another semester and time to get back into the swing of things.  A few quick updates: the storm chase logs have now been added, including Team 1's chase from this past summer.  Also, the Weather Challenge for this spring begins very soon.  The deadline for applications must be in by Sunday, January 27th.  If you are interested or would like more information please visit the Weather Challenge page on this website, or email Prof. Evans at  That's all for now and good luck with the semester!

December 2, 2012

Hey everyone, I wanted to provide a quick update.  We will NOT be having a meeting on Monday, December 3rd at 6pm.  We were unable to get a speaker for our meeting.  The club currently does not have any other events planned for the remainder of the semester.  I hope everyone had a good semester and be sure to look for future updates over winter break regarding activities for this spring!  Take care.

October 30, 2012

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the brat sale today!  We made an excellent profit for the day and brought in the funds necessary to support the club.  Our next club event will be the meeting scheduled for November 12th.  Prof. Evans will be speaking about the "super derecho" from 2009.  We will have food and refreshments!

Note: A non-Atmospheric Sciences student left a slider pencil case at our table today.  If you know who may have left it, or if that person stumbles upon this page, send an email to Jake at  Thanks!

October 15, 2012

Hey everyone!  Our second brat sale of the year is tomorrow.  It will be held in its usual place on the first floor of EMS.  The sale runs from 9am-4pm.  Come help support the Atmospheric Sciences Club!  Also, for those who will be volunteering, send a quick email to Jake ( to let me know if you are coming.  Come ready with a smile and make sure to say thanks to everyone who stops by our table to buy a brat!  All volunteers are welcome!

We also have scheduled tentative dates for our next two meetings.  November 12th and December 3rd are currently what is in the books.  We are planning on having a speaker and snacks and refreshments will be provided!  More details to follow. 

October 9, 2012

Our first brat sale of the year is today!!!  Come enjoy some delicious brats and hot dogs while supporting the Atmospheric Sciences Club.  The sale runs from 9am-4pm on the first floor of EMS.  Come hungry and bring your friends!!!

October 1, 2012

Meeting today!!  Our first atmo club meeting of the year is this evening at 7pm in the lab.  We were unable to get a speaker however it is important for members to attend as we have some general club business to go through.  Also, make sure to bring your club member dues ($10).  Food will be provided! 

This Friday, October 5th, Dr. John Knox of the University of Georgia will be giving a seminar entitled "Doing Tornado Debris Research with Social Media: Results from the 27 April 2011 Tornado Super Outbreak."  The seminar will be given at 2pm in EMS E495.  Let's make Dr. Knox feel welcome to UWM and have as many people attend as possible!

September 27, 2012

The UWM Open House is coming up soon!  We will be having a combined Atmospheric Sciences/Innovative Weather booth and are looking for volunteers to help out and answer questions to prospective students.  The Open House is scheduled for October 25th (4:30-6pm), October 26th (9am-4pm), and October 27th (9am-2pm).  If you would like to volunteer send an email to Jake Gajewski (contact information below).

September 26, 2012

Hey all.  The weather challenge is now underway.  Check out the club's weather challenge page to find additional information and a link to Dr. Evans weather challenge page.  Also, feel free to use the various weather links listed under "Weather Links".

Our first meeting is coming up as well.  It is scheduled for Monday, October 1st at 7pm in EMS W434.  The focus of the meeting will be on club logistics and planning things out for the year.  Snacks will be provided!

August 23, 2012

The 2012 Fall Semester is right around the corner!  Officer elections will be coming up on September 5th.  If you are interested in becoming an officer please email Chris Nelson.  Contact information may be found at the bottom of the page.  Also, we are looking to have our first meeting sometime in mid to late September.  Additional details will follow.