It has become an annual tradition for the Atmospheric Sciences Club to embark on the "Mesoscale Observations and Research" trip every year.  Every May, students travel to the Great Plains in search of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.  This experience takes what the students have learned in the classroom, and allows them to apply it to real-world forecast scenarios.  Much of the excitement is in making a forecast, and then actually observing severe thunderstorms develop, all while trying to keep pace and anticipate further storm development.  Regardless of whether or not severe weather occurs, it is a great learning opportunity and provides a way to enjoy weather phenomena with other weather enthusiasts.

Criteria for Participating

  • Members must pay $10 club dues in full.
  • Members must participate in a minimum of one brat sale per semester.  Because we have a limited number of spots available per group, we will often select the people that assisted in the most brat sales.
  • It is encouraged that students take Synoptic Meteorology, Mesoscale Meteorology, and/or ATM SCI 690 (Forecasting) prior to chasing. These courses are extremely useful in forecasting severe weather, however they are not required.

Chase Logistics

The club provides funds to cover a majority of the expenses (hotel, rental van, etc...), while individuals are responsible for gas and food, among other expenses.   The specific expenses change from year to year depending upon the funds that are available.  The club also has access to Mobile Threat Net, a device which can obtain critical weather and radar data through a satellite data feed. This data allows the students to make quick decisions on the road in order to stay safe.

Interested in Going?

Our next round of applications will be taken during the middle of the 2013 Spring Semester.  Slots are usually competitive, so the more brat sales and events you help out with, the better. For more information, talk to a club officer.

Links to Previous Storm Chase Years

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