Every website consists of different pages. With the OrgSync website builder tool, you can build and edit an unlimited number of pages, and each page can have its own URL such as

To See Existing Pages:

Once inside the “Pages” tab, there will be a list of pages that already exist in your site. Every website comes preloaded with several pages for you to start with and edit.

You will notice that there is a series of options: View | Edit | Rename | Clone | Delete

View: Opens the live version of the page in a new browser window.

Edit: Opens the current page and allows you to edit the content using the WYSIWYG editor or edit the HTML source code directly.

Rename: Renames the current page. Changing the page name might break any links to it. Be sure to update any links pointing that page.

Clone: Makes a copy of the page. This is very useful if you want to make several pages with similar content but don’t want to recreate each page over and over.

Delete: Deletes the page from your site. Once you delete the page you cannot recover it.

Quick Page URL:

You can easily create a link to any page using this feature. Just copy and paste the [page:page_name_here] link to any Header, Footer, or Page content within your site and the link will be created without having to type the full URL yourself. For example, you would normally have to type out: but with the Quick URL you can simply use [page:page_name]

To Create a New Page:

Once inside the “Pages” tab, click the button on the top left labeled New Page.

The page name will prompt you to name the page. The name should always be safe for URLs, meaning it should not have spaces and use underscores instead, and should not contain any special characters like #!*% etc…

You can edit the content of the page in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This tool is very helpful because you will be able to create HTML content without knowing any HTML code. On the flipside, if you DO know HTML, you can easily edit it by clicking the source button.

The WYSIWYG editor has a myriad of tools at your disposal. They should all look very familiar if you’ve ever used a word editing tool. You can adjust color, links, font size, bold, italics, copy, paste, etc… More information about the editor we use can be found at:

What are OrgSync Modules?

We use the term “modules” to mean any feature that grabs information from your OrgSync portal such as events, news, officers, etc… This is the real heart and soul of the website builder tool. Using these features will allow your public website to be instantly updated with information entered in your organization portal.

To insert an OrgSync module into your page click on the OS Modules button: 

A dropdown will appear:

From there you can simply click the module you want to include and it will insert the correct code into your page. Don’t forget to hit save!

Pages, Images, and Files:

The same principal as the OrgSync modules also applies to insert pages, images, and files.

Once you’ve created any pages or uploaded images or files, you can generate a quick link to it by selecting the dropdown list and clicking the desired item. This will generate the code such as [page:home] or [image:splash_graphic]

This is very useful and time saving because you will never need to know the full URL path of your files and reduces the potential for typos.