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Freshman Senators

Seth Kochheiser

Hello there! I am Seth Kochheiser and I am from Roscoe, Illinois. A few of my hobbies are reading autobiographies from politicians and notable celebrities, being able to participate in protests and rallies across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, and most of all, hanging out with friends and families when life becomes stressful. A few objectives I am passionate about is raising awareness about sexual assault on campus, making healthy options in the cafeterias and around campus more affordable, reducing stigma about mental health especially with anxiety and depression that tends to affect young adults more and more, and promoting the rights of LGBTQ+ people around campus to ensure everyone is fully included and this is an issue near to my heart. I grew up with two gay uncles, and I happen to be gay as well. I want inclusion to produce an even safer campus and make sure people are treated with respect and dignity when around others with conflicting views. Equality for everyone means equality for all students regardless of their background.

Adam Montana

My name is Adam Montana. I am a Political Science major and wish to someday join the countless revolutionary Americans in history by becoming a member of Congress.

I feel that with any platform, from president of Photography Club to Secretary of State, comes with a great deal of power and responsibility to society. Every single student enrolled at UWM deserves the opportunity to thrive, and my main mission as Freshman Senator would be to ensure that right. I would stress the importance of diversity; not only it’s presence but how it’s percieved and understood in the student body. With this platform, I would address the concepts some may view as taboo; drug and alcohol portrayal in college, sexual abuse and how it is dealt with, mental health and preventing it, helping students with children or considering abortion/adoption, etc. Every voice matters. The minority and majority are equal—no matter political party, gender, race, or disability we are all equal and deserve equal input on how we are treated.

Politics is about more than voters and endorsements, it is about human beings and giving each person affected a chance to become the highest possible person they can.

I believe in peace, love, and positivity and would bring those values to UWM!

Abigail Childs

Hello everyone! My name is Abbie Childs and I am originally from Whitewater, Wisconsin. A few things about me: I love to cook (I constantly make new dishes for friends and family), I was a barista for two years and love trying new kinds of coffee, I spent my summer working as a research assistant for the Nursing College, and I love dogs (I once pet as many dogs as I could in one day and my record was 56)! I am a Nursing Major with a minor in French. With this degree I hope to sit on the UN Council and organize relief efforts for third world countries and advocate for women’s rights and health. Although that won’t be for a couple years, I hope my time on the Student Senate will also be beneficial! One of my goals is to make healthier food more affordable in all UWM cafes. Healthy food shouldn’t be so expensive and inaccessible! I also want to bring the residence halls together by organizing events. Another idea I have is providing free feminine hygiene products in all public restrooms on campus. These are just some of my ideas, and I hope I can win your vote and work hard to improve UWM for everyone!