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Alyssa Molinski

I’m a first generation college student studying Early Childhood Education, and I’m also part of UWM’s Honors College. As I served as Vice President of Academic Affairs, I’ve learned that it takes strong communication and collaboration to accomplish the student-led initiatives that we all can be proud of. I’m running for student body president because I believe that the student voice matters, so we need to register to vote and get to the polls. Having a greater student turn-out could affect how our university is treated in terms of state budgetary decisions. I also believe that sexual assault and violence statistics on college campuses are atrocious, and unacceptable. Student Association asked the students about effective prevention trainings, and we listened. I’ve been serving on a work group that’s bringing Bystander Intervention training to campus next year, and I’m looking forward to seeing an increase in student safety, and a decrease in sexual assault caseloads. Finally, I value the importance of food security because I understand the positive affect it has on a student’s academic success, and overall well-being. None of our students should have to worry about going hungry, and that’s why I promise to expand our food pantry, and keep it fully stocked and easily accessible for all students. Of course, there’s always room for improvements on our campus, and improvements can be attained through communication between you and I. As your Student Association President, I want to mend relationships with various departments and student organizations on campus, and ensure that everyone’s voices are heard. I want to rebuild trust, and empower marginalized students to feel inspired and confident when advocating on behalf of the populations they represent. Let’s work together.

Adrian Palau-Tejeda

"We can do better" is the motto for my campaign, and the words that I stand by every day. We can do better: better at preventing sexual assault, better at providing resources to students, better at excelling, and better at working with students and each other. As a first generation student and immigrant I understand how hard college can be, how difficult it can be identifying and responding to opportunities. Milwaukee is home to many remarkable organizations and companies, with UWM situated just miles away from them, yet oftentimes we don’t use this to our advantage. It’s time we got out into the community, that students experienced all that Milwaukee has to offer, and that we saw greater support for strong student led initiatives. As your president I will fight to ensure that students when they leave UWM have access to the resources they need to succeed, that they feel comfortable and confident. I will ensure that student organizations are well funded and that students have access to conferences and conventions across the state and beyond, that we provide every resource that we can. We can do better, and we will.

Vice President of Student Affairs

John McCune

Ease and engage. As VP of Student Affairs, these two steps are how I’m planning to best prioritize my time working for the student body. Making students’ lives easier comes first. My plan is to help students avoid paying for textbooks by getting all courses to put copies in the library for students to temporarily check out. Then, I’m looking to strengthen the new UWM Food Resource Center to be able to support classmates that can’t afford food as well as continue the current effort to prevent sexual violence and provide resources for survivors. If we can find that breathing room, we’ll be able to engage with things that further both our professional and personal development. On campus, it’s hard to know all of what’s happening on a given day, so I’m working to make it easier for student organizations to advertise their events in a place students can find. In Milwaukee, we can take UWM projects to the next level by leading policy changes on sustainability and inclusion. If you’ve got any ideas for things to work on, feel free to email jwmccune@uwm.edu. I’m very much looking forward to bringing my ideas and ambition to the position next year.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Zen Johnston

My name is Zen Johnston, and I want to be the Vice-President of Academic Affairs to better communication between students and faculty, and to advocate on behalf of the UWM Student Body. I served as president of UW-Rock County's Student Government Association for a full academic year, and in that time I learned vital skills for leadership, conflict resolution, and communication. I also have worked for Panther Academic Support Services (PASS) here at UWM, so I have firsthand experience with issues that affect many people in our student body. As the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, I want to help nurture and create programs to begin closing our achievement gap at UWM, and to advocate on behalf of marginalized students who may feel they've had their voices taken from them, or feel unsafe advocating for themselves. I also have a strong commitment to community service and equality. I've worked with nonprofit groups in my hometown since I was thirteen years old, and served as the president of the gender and sexuality alliance at UW-Rock County for two years. A vote for me is a vote for diversity, equality, and a person who is unafraid to demand change for students.

At-Large Senator

10 Seats Available

William Paltz

I'm a Computer Engineer looking to bring a refreshing new perspective to the senate and our campus community. I'm a fact based individual looking to drive improvements to our school. I will look to drive improvements in the way our student tuition is spent, and how we can get more involved in the community. At University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I have received the Vice Chancellor's Award in May 2016 for my leadership, commitment to excellence and professional development of myself and student colleagues. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at the Milwaukee Veterans Affairs Medical Center working in a Day Care with military veterans. While I volunteer, I help run cooking classes, play games, chat, distribute lunch, and help the veterans in any way needed.

Liz Papandria

In my first year on Student Association I grew so much closer to this school and campus. I worked on an updated sexual assault prevention website, planned an event to raise awareness about eating disorders, and traveled to D.C to lobby for student interests such as the Federal Perkins Loan. If I am reelected, I hope to continue the work I started. I am particularly passionate about minority and LGBT rights, mental health awareness, your right to vote, and poverty and hunger issues on campus and in the greater Milwaukee community.

Chris Riedel

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Gabriel Rosenthal

I am eager to be joining the UWM Student Association. I transferred to UWM this semester after completing a year at the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music and working in Israel for 5 months. I am studying mechanical engineering and have a theatre minor. While representing you in Student Association, I will work to reduce our exorbitant segregated fees used for extraneous services, such as charging students $292.40/year for athletics, totaling $7.4 million/year. These excessive "commodities" attribute to our tuition rising every year and many students do not even use them. I want to allocate some of this money to our academic and maintenance budgets, primarily to repair leaks and other problems beleaguering the Student Union. We need to use our money more effectively rather than increasing tuition every year, which is one of the factors behind UWM’s ever-increasing dropout rate. Additionally, as a transfer student I know the frustration behind having credits that do not transfer to UWM and will work to expand the selection currently accepted, making the process much less demoralizing. I look forward to representing you.

Amaya Varela

I have a passion for leadership and involvement within UWM. If I were elected by my peers into Student Association my overall goal is to serve as a receptive voice for the student population. More specifically, I would strongly advocate for students of color and women on campus. UWM is becoming increasingly diverse and I want my actions and voice to accurately represent that change. Making all members of our community feel welcomed and utilized is at the forefront of my purpose. Prior to college I held leadership roles in student government at my school as president of my senior class and co-vice president of Student Council. Although I am nearly three years past that, I have dedicated my sophomore year to various leadership programs and opportunities to continue to learn and change with myself as a leader. I hope you will trust in my abilities as a leader to contribute ideas and be a voice for students to help make a change.

Zachary Ziolkowski

I grew up in Grafton, Wisconsin and I am a junior studying computer engineering and I enjoy working on anything that has to do with a computer. I am very proud of my state of Wisconsin, I am an avid supporter of any sports team or person that is from Wisconsin. My goal for joining student government is to help the students of UWM continue their education and see where our tuition is spent. Many students do not understand where all their tuition goes, I would like to make it known to all students where their money is going. I want students to have access to a list of all the allocation of their tuition in order for them to understand how and why their money is being spent. I look forward to working with all students from the student association government.


College of Letters & Science

3 Seats Availible

Jake Lucareli

Hi everyone! My name is Jake Lucareli and I am a JAMS major here at UWM. I want to be a Letters and Science senator because I want to continue my time on Student Association in the year of 2018-2019. I have served on the Student Association as a Freshman Senator and I want to continue to represent the student body here at UWM. As a Letters and Science senator, I would always make sure we bring any issues of the College of Letters and Science to the senate and always be mindful of how our decisions in the senate will affect the College of Letters and Science. I would be totally cool with any students coming to me with any issues that they feel the College of Letters and Science has, and that they would like me to bring forth to the senate at the meetings. I loved serving on Student Association and I hope I can continue to do so while representing a broader group of the student population this time!

Sam Wisneski

My main intention as a senator is to advocate for the students in the wonderful College of Letters & Science with the goals of bettering our communication (with employers, faculty, and students,) standing up for our values as a college when considering legislation, and being a very available resource for questions or support from you, whoever you may be. Along the way, I look forward to utilizing the opportunities afforded to senators such as being very involved in one committee and exploring others, actively participating in the legislative process and contributing to Student Association events. One specific goal that I have for myself is to attend open faculty and administrative meetings regularly. I think that bridging the gap between student and faculty representation in decision making processes is important and actively attending these meetings is a small, but important way to increase student representation and voice in decision making circles. I look forward to working with fellow senators and the executive branch to make UW-Milwaukee the best that it can be and positively representing the College of Letters & Science along the way.

College of Health Sciences

Katie Malek

By serving as the CHS senator for the past academic year, I have become more knowledgeable about the workings of the College and the value of student perspectives. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I hope my constituency will give me a chance to serve in the same position in the coming academic year. This year I attended staff and faculty meetings to better understand how the CHS is changing and where I can offer my insights as a student. I worked with the dean and with committees to determine which issues I should address to make the biggest possible impact as a student representative. In the past year I have primarily focused on gauging students’ opinions and interests as they relate to curriculum, social life, and transitions into becoming health professionals. Next year I hope to shift my focus to mental health. Specifically, I want to help students find resources when they are struggling and deconstruct the damaging stigmas about mental health disorders. Thank you for your time, and I hope you will consider re-electing me as the senator for the College of Health Sciences.

Helen Bader School of Social Welfare

Courtney Raatz

Currently a second year social work major, I aspire to become involved in community-level social work policy. I am passionate about social justice and am convinced of the power good legislation has to positively contribute to social equitability. Accordingly, I intend on using a senate position to advocate for vulnerable populations on campus, contribute to the success of established committees, highlight the voice of Helen Bader students, and ultimately enhance the long term academic and personal success of all UWM students. I am particularly enthusiastic about the actions the UWM Food Center and Pantry has taken to to address food insecurity, and am personally interested in communicating with UWM faculty about a UWM honors college affirmative action plan. My potential for success is augmented by previous and current community and academic engagements. These include participation in the student-lead social activism group The Flood, volunteer work at The Gathering, engagement as a Big in the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters, and recent engagement with the Social Work Student Association. I believe that facilitating conversation with those individuals most affected by legislation is integral to positive change. Justly, I would be both invigorated and humbled to represent the students of Helen Bader School of Social Welfare.

School of Information Studies

Santiago Moreno-Islas

My name is Santiago Moreno-Islas, I am a freshman in the IST program, and I am excited to be running for the School of Information Studies Academic Senator position. I was recently voted in as the SOIS Senator, to fill in the vacancy left by the previous senator Casey Hartjes. I am currently learning how to be the most effective Academic Senator I can be, as well as how to better serve my constituents. I plan to sit on several committees, such as the standing faculty committee on Information Technology Policy. If you have any questions about my role as your Academic Senator, or what my goals are please feel free to email me.

Non-Traditional Student Advocacy Senator

Jonathan Melcher

I was born in Waukesha, and raised in West Allis. I enlisted in the US Army right out of high school, and served in the 82nd Airborne Division for four and a half years. I did two deployments to Afghanistan while I was on active duty. I became interested in federal law enforcement while serving, and decided to pursue that route through college. I am now in the National guard and a junior. I am interested in graduation rates among veteran students, older students, and students who are married with children making it more difficult to graduate. I am open to listen to any other issues of non-traditional students, and I hope I serve you well as Senator.

Student Organization Advocacy

Joshua Graybow

I will be a junior studying marketing here at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In terms of my involvement with student orgs, I am currently in 4 student organizations. I have experience running committees in student organizations and getting people involved. An example of which is an idea I had and am currently planning which is to have a large All Greek Team for Make a Difference Day this semester. Some goals I have for the next Academic year are, to have a bigger turnout from student organizations members at campus sponsored events such as, both Make a Difference Days, The Dance Marathon, Welcome Week events, etc. I will work with student orgs to be more involved with SA by encouraging them to apply for SAC grants, filling any vacant positions senate positions and voicing their concerns. I commit to be a resource for all student organizations on campus and do whatever I can to help them succeed.

Emire Sewell

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