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IEC Bylaws

2018-2019 Election Forms

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The below links are all forms found in the packet. Here you will find all necessary information about the 2018-2019 Elections. Be sure to download and read all files provided here and to fill out the Nomination Form. Nominations are open and close on Friday February 23rd, 2018.  All signature sheets must be turned in Union WG10 by 4:30pm on the 23rd.

SA Elections 2018-2019 Candidate Welcome Letter

SA Elections 2018-2019 Candidate Checklist

SA Elections 2018-2019 Timeline

SA Elections 2018-2019 Campaign Rules

SA Elections 2018-2019 Signature Sheets

SA Elections 2018-2019 Nomination Form

SA Elections 2018-2019 Campaign Violation Form

IEC Bylaws

If you have any questions please email your Student Body President Emily Kuester at ekuester@uwm.edu or Laya Liebeseller, Records Manager for the Student Association Professional Staff (SAPS), laya@uwm.edu or stop by the SAPS office (Union WG10).

Open Senator Seat Forms

There are some open senate seats at this time. If you would like to apply to be a senator for this Spring 2018 semester please see the information below.

SA Open Senate Seats 2017- Candidate Nomination Form

SA Open Senate Seats 2017- Signature Sheets

*The Open Senator Seats are not a part of the 2018-2019 elections. If you fill a currently vacant seat you would hold that seat until the end of this semester (Spring 2018). You will be voted in directly by the senate at the senate meeting after your form has been received. You would still have to run in the upcoming elections to hold a Senator seat in the 2018-2019 school year. Senator meetings are every other Sunday from 5-7pm. For more information please contact your Student Body President Emily Kuester ekuester@uwm.edu.