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What Are You Voting For?

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Segregated Fees

Every year, the SA leaders you elect decide where approximately $23 million in student fees are allocated. Seg fees fund resource centers, student orgs, campus activities, the Student Union, Athletics, Rec Sports, and much more.

Budget Cuts

Over the next 2 years, UWM is facing a $30 million budget cut. Whoever you elect will represent students on this issue to the chancellor, the budget reduction task force, and representatives in the UW system and the Capitol.

Org Funding

Each year, hundreds of student organizations receive funding through the SAC process, lead by senators that you vote in. Whether you believe student orgs should receive more or less in segregated feed, this election will be a chance to have your say.


Parking at UWM is one of the most widely-felt issues on campus. Who you vote for will play a key role in working with campus partners and university leadership to negotiate and ensure students get the best value and access to parking they can.


The SA is structures to ensure that all students have a chance to be heard on issues at every level. Who you elect in these elections will oversee your major's program reps, work on issues that matter to you, and represent your needs on the senate.


As budget cuts loom, the resources available to our schools and colleges will be strained. The SA leadership that you elect will work closely with the chancellor, provost, and deans to protect the quality of our academic experience.