University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


The INFORMS – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Chapter organizes several academics and social events to learn, share, discuss and enjoy about new methods and applications of O.R.. Within this events are found meetings (forum for information-sharing and discussion of activities), lectures and workshops (platform for sharing the latest in OR/MS/IE areas), field trips (space to observe OR real applications ), and social outings (recreation, team-building and information sharing).

Past activities

  • Quality control seminars:
    • ISO and Quality Assurance
    • Six Sigma and its Applications
  • LaTeX workshop
  • Operations Research in Action in Today’s World seminar
  • Optimization in Railway Opeartions seminar
  • Industrial Application of Design of Experiments -The case of Eaton Corporation
  • Field trip to GENERAC Whitewater facility
  • Social outings (Pizza parties, joint meetings with other IE organizations)