Oversight and Appeals Commission

OAC Chairperson

Maria Lemesheva

E-mail: lemeshe2@uwm.edu

Major(s): Philosophy (Pre-Law); Minor in Political Science

Year: 4th

Hometown: Tolyatti, Russia (about 600 miles southeast of Moscow)

I have always been interested in law, the way it works, and the way it is applied. My first experience with law began at a Superior Court of California where I was a Court Operation Volunteer. I also volunteered for the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network. However, law is not my only interest, my second interest is health. As a result of that I chose to follow two paths. Aside from my college and work I am also a yoga teacher. My goal is to attend a law school in two years. I want to practice immigration law. The reason for that is because I am an immigrant myself and even though my experience was smooth, many other people have a hard time with it. My future goal as a lawyer would be to make the process run for my clients as smooth and easy as possible.




OAC Commissioner

Roshi Lawrence

E-mail: roshi@uwm.edu

Major(s): Political Science (Pre-Law)


Hometown: Milwaukee, WI


Born in Chicago, Illinois raised throughout Wisconsin I'm happy to call Milwaukee home. After leaving Marquette in 2010 I'm returning from Hilo, Hawaii and Charlotte, North Carolina to finish my bachelors degree in Political Science. As a Pre-Law student my hope is that I use my experience in politics and the law to be of assistance to students here at UW-Milwaukee. My number one goal while in this position is to make the OAC Commissioner position available and visible.