Oversight and Appeals Commission

Chairperson (Legislative and Executive Oversight Commissioner)

Maria Lemesheva

E-mail: lemeshe2@uwm.edu

Major(s): Philosophy (Pre-Law); Minor in Political Science

Year: 4th

Hometown: Tolyatti, Russia (about 600 miles southeast of Moscow)

I have always been interested in law, the way it works, and the way it is applied. My first experience with law began at a Superior Court of California where I was a Court Operation Volunteer. I also volunteered for the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network. However, law is not my only interest, my second interest is health. As a result of that I chose to follow two paths. Aside from my college and work I am also a yoga teacher. My goal is to attend a law school in two years. I want to practice immigration law. The reason for that is because I am an immigrant myself and even though my experience was smooth, many other people have a hard time with it. My future goal as a lawyer would be to make the process run for my clients as smooth and easy as possible.




Human Resources Commissioner (HRC)

Ali Yusuf

E-mail: aliyusuf@uwm.edu

Major(s): Pre-Law/Civil Engineering major - Political Science minor

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Kano, Nigeria

My name is Ali Yusuf, I am 19 years old. I started working at the Oversight and Appeals Commission in March 2014, the second semester of my freshman year. I serve as the Human Resources Commissioner. I was born in Milwaukee, WI and moved to Nigeria when I was about 3 years old. I lived there for about 13 years. I am fluent in the native language, which is Hausa. I moved back to the States my freshman year of high school and Attended Salam school for all four years. I currently live in Milwaukee and commute to campus. I also play Intramural soccer and tennis.