Oversight and Appeals Commission

OAC Mediation Commissioner

Naomi Wilson

E-mail: wilsonna@uwm.edu

Office: Union EG80B

Major(s): Journalism

Year: Junior

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Born in Milwaukee, I've always loved the city. I grew up less than 5 miles away from campus so I knew that I would be attending UW-Milwaukee for college. I decided to go to UW-Milwaukee because I loved that it offered a new perspective on the east-side of Milwaukee. I've always been interested in broadcast journalism and creative writing. I hope to obtain my bachelor's degree in Journalism and Media Studies with a certificate in Digital Arts. I hope to become an executive producer at a news station where I can have creative control and highlight community activists. Within my current role as an OAC Commissioner, I want to make UW-Milwaukee a welcoming and safe environment for all students.

OAC Commissioner

Michaela Dhuey

E-mail: mldhuey@uwm.edu

Office: Union EG80B

Major(s): Criminal Justice and Psychology


Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI

I grew up in Sun Prairie, WI where I came to the conclusion I wanted to go to school in Milwaukee because I love the atmosphere here and the sense of community. I have always been interested in law and the criminal justice system. I hope to get my bachelors in criminal justice and my PhD in psychology with the end goal of becoming a criminal profiler. For now my goal at UW Milwaukee as the OAC commissioner is to make every student aware of the OAC and what we provide for them on campus, while also getting involved more with the community on campus and promoting other important issues.