Oversight and Appeals Commission

Chairperson (Legislative and Executive Oversight Commissioner)

Justin Kane Welch

E-mail: jkwelch@uwm.edu

Major(s): History, Religious Studies, Jewish Studies; Certificate in Middle East and North African Studies

Year: 4th

Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, WI

Hello, my name is Justin Welch. I was born and raised in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  I am a non-traditional (adult, veteran, LGBT+, first generation) student, I am a triple major in History, Religious Studies, and Jewish Studies, and getting a certificate in Middle East and North African Studies. I am involved in UWM student government (Student Association), Phi Alpha Theta (a history honors society), UWM Honors College, and Religious Studies Student Organization; as well as having been involved in others throughout my time here. I’m currently employed at the UWM Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a Tour/Welcome Guide; and in the past have been a First Year Mentor and New Student Orientation Leader with the UWM Student Success Center. I would eventually like to live and work in Southwest Asia, researching and attempting to understand the development and evolution of the Abrahamic religions.

Registered Student Organization Mediation Commissioner

Maria Lemesheva

E-mail: lemeshe2@uwm.edu

Major(s): Philosophy (Pre-Law); Minor in Political Science

Year: 4th

Hometown: Tolyatti, Russia (about 600 miles southeast of Moscow)

I am an immigrant from Russia. I came to the United States when I was eleven years old with my family. We fist lived in New-York, then California, Illinois, and finally Wisconsin. I received my high school diploma from Taft High School in California and then went to Pierce College to work on my Associate’s Degree. In the meantime I also volunteered at a Superior Court of California in Chatsworth. I then moved to Illinois and transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago. At that time I also volunteered for the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network. Throughout my life I had always been interested in health and law. As a result of that I chose to follow two paths. Aside from my college and work I am also a yoga teacher. The other path which I am currently working on is law. My goal is to attend a law school in two years. I want to practice immigration law. The reason for that is because I am an immigrant myself and even though my experience was smooth, many other people who were close to me had to struggle. My future goal as a lawyer would be to make the process run for my clients as smooth and easy as possible.

Student and Parking Appeals Commissioner

Drew Kendl

E-mail: amkendl@uwm.edu

Major(s): Criminal Justice; Certificates in Community Leadership and Death Investigation

Year: 4th

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Involved heavily in Greek Life on campus. Involved in various committees as well like the Pantherfest Planning Committee and the Athletics New Direction Committee. Love helping students in any way possible!

Human Resources Commissioner

Ali Yusuf

E-mail: aliyusuf@uwm.edu

Major(s): Pre-Law/Civil Engineering major - Political Science minor

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Kano, Nigeria

My name is Ali Yusuf, I am 19 years old. I started working at the Oversight and Appeals Commission in March 2014, the second semester of my freshman year. I serve as the Human Resources Commissioner. I was born in Milwaukee, WI and moved to Nigeria when I was about 3 years old. I lived there for about 13 years. I am fluent in the native language, which is Hausa. I moved back to the States my freshman year of high school and Attended Salam school for all four years. I currently live in Milwaukee and commute to campus. I also play Intramural soccer and tennis.