What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the student experience at UWM, through representation, advocacy, and the funding of services and activities that improve student life. We achieve this through the work of our three main branches:

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is composed of the President, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Student Affairs, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing and Programming Director, Campus and Community Engagement Director, and Student Organization Appropriations Director. The role of the Executive Branch is to maintain the direction and objectives of the Student Association. The Executive Branch also coordinates the work of the Student Association Senate and sets the goals for the Student Association.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is also referred to as the Senate. There are 40 seats on the Senate. There are three different types of senators: Academic, Advocacy and At-Large. Senators work to represent the needs and interests of students at UWM. They write and pass legislation designed to advocate for the needs of UWM students and work with faculty and staff to make sure that every decision made on campus reflects the best interests of the student body.

Oversight and Appeals Commission

The Oversight and Appeals Commission (OAC) is the branch of the Student Association at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (SA) that handles student and student organization appeals and mediation, as well as oversight over the other branches of the SA. It consists of five appointed Commissioners that have the responsibility over: SA legislative and executive oversight, appeals stemming from student organizations, SA human resources, student parking appeals, and SA records administration, as well as being the body that interprets the SA Constitution and other governing documents upon request.