Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Association? 

The Student Association is the official Student Government at UW-Milwaukee that advocates on the behalf of students’ best interests, and sets policies that benefit students. Our mission is to enrich the student experience through representation, advocacy, and the funding of services and activities that improve student life. 

What does the Student Association do?  

The Student Association advocates for and represents the students at UWM through formal legislation, as well as through discussion with campus administration and faculty. The SA also allocates Segregated University fees to many different campus departments.  

What are some campus entities that are funded by Segregated Fees? 

The Women’s Resource Center, LGBT Resource Center, Neighborhood Housing office, BOSS, Campus Parking, UPass, University Recreation, Athletics, Children’s Learning Center and many other student life entities. For a full list of Seg Fee funded entities and a breakdown of how much is allocated to each, please visit Bursar Office website

What is the Student Appropriations Committee (SAC)?   

SAC is a Student Association Senate committee that allocates grants to student organizations that need funding. Grants are typically given for events, operations, and travel. 

How can I get involved? 

You can serve on a university committee, apply to fill a vacant Senate seat, or serve the students in your academic program as one of our Program Representatives. Visit our Get Involved page or email Jessica Ford, the Campus and Community Engagement Director, at for more information. 

What are the benefits for getting involved with the SA? 

Student government is excellent leadership training. A term as a student government representative can greatly enhance your academic and professional resume. Being a member of the student government is a great opportunity to meet new people and make long lasting relationships with a diverse group of students, and most importantly a great way to make a real difference in the lives of students at UWM. 

When are elections? 

General elections, where we elect the President, Vice Presidents, and Senate are held in April. There are five seats on the Senate reserved for freshmen. Elections for these freshmen seats take place in early October. For more information about elections, check out the Independent Election Commission website