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Vision statement: We strive to create a dynamic, warm and celebratory Jewish environment for Milwaukee's university students and young adults (ages 18-26) where they can explore and express their Jewish identities and gain a sense of belonging within the Jewish community. 

1st testimonial: “Hillel is my home away from home and the place that I feel comfortable practicing Judaism. I am able to ask questions, engage in meaningful discussions as well as explore my faith with my peers.”

2nd testimonial: “To me, Hillel is a place where I feel comfortable expressing my religion and values with other people who feel the same way. I wasn't active in Hillel until this year but I feel included every time I attend an event and am grateful to have this organization on campus!”

Julie Schack, julie@hillelmke.org, (414) 961-2010
3053 N. Stowell Ave. Milwaukee, WI, 53211



Spiritual and religious communities provide opportunities for students to be centered in a caring community, explore the connections between faith-traditions and real world complexities, make a difference in the lives of others through service work, and grow in a sense of their own abilities and self-awareness. Involvement activities for many different faith-traditions and philosophies can be found on campus and in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

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